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HGP9029 Text Analysis with Python and NLTK

Text Analysis with Python and NLTK (04 créditos)


Text analysis through the computational handling of text corpora is an indispensable skill for any researcher interested in conducting research in the field of Discourse Analysis, Machine Translation, Quantitative Methods Analysis in Linguistics, etc. which intersect with Translation Studies. The most widely used platform for conducting text analysis today is the Natural Language Tool Kit (NLTK) combined with Python programming languages. Both are open access and used and implemented in the most different projects in the field of computational linguistics. Researchers and students in Translation Studies usually need to deal with text corpora, as well as perform statistical analysis and other types of manipulation of linguistic and textual data, so that the acquisition of programming skills comes to fill a gap in their training.


– To provide students with Python techniques to handle, wrangle, extract, and analyse text stored in different corpora;
–  To introduce and train students in the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) framework.


This course will introduce students to Python techniques necessary to access, wrangle, and analyse different text corpora using Python and NLTK.


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