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Special Students

According to POET’s Internal Regulation (Title 3, Chapter II, article 31, Portuguese only), special students are those from postgraduate programmes (stricto sensu) from UFC or other institutions, and current undergraduate students, in this case from UFC only, that are selected to attend courses at the programme up to a limit of 8 credits.

Special students can be admitted up to 20% of the total amount of active students at POET.

Applicants for special student positions must sit a reading proficiency text in English (or Portuguese, if English is their first language). They can attend classes as special students for at most one semester and do at most 8 credits.

If a special student applies for a regular position at POET through the selective process and is selected, those credits and grades they got as a special student will be automatically  transferred to their records, adding up to the necessary minimum number of credits to get their degree (24 credits in courses plus 6 credits for the thesis).

All applicants must enrol at POET’s Office or through e-mail (in case of foreigners). They must hand  submit Application Form for Special Student together with a copy of the CV registered at the Lattes database (register here). Other CVs formats won’t be accepted and the application will be rendered void. Applicants must specify in the application form the courses they’d like to take in order of preference. Matriculation will occur only up to 8 credits according to the order specified by the applicant and subject to the number of available positions in each course.

The dates for the special student selection process will be announced at the beginning of each semester  at the home page of this site.

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