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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Estudos da Tradução

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Ana Maria César Pompeu

PhD in Classics University of São Paulo, 2004

Status: Collaborator Professor

Research Areas:

1. Theory, Critic and History of translation

2. Translation, teaching/acquisition of foreign language and new medias

CV Lattes (external page link) | E-mail: amcpomp@ig.com.br

Research Projects

The advisor in question will supervise, preferably, master and doctoral projects that fall within the following research project (s) in progress in the Postgraduate Studies in Translation:

  1. Tanslating aristophanic peasants as “matutos cearenses” –  The general objective of this research is the establishment of a poetics of the ancient comedy through the works of the comediographer Aristophanes, who is the precursory of some fundamental concepts on poetry that will later be developed by Plato and Aristotle. More specifically, this project aims to study the genesis of comedy through the parody of a phallic song, which is deemed by Aristotle in “Poetics” as the origin of comedy, within the context of the celebration of the rural Dionysia as a commemoration of the peace won by the protagonist of “Acarnians”. We will make a comparative study establishing an equation between the Dionysian agrarian rituals and the “Festa Junina” festivals of the Brazilian Northeast, due to their common structural features as agricultural celebrations of fertility. The research will be completed with a translation of the comedy “Peace” of Aristophanes, from the original Greek text of 421 a. C. into the “matuto” or caipira dialect of the Northeaster Brazil as an equivalent to the Aristophane peasantry dialect.

Research Groups

  1. GP/CNPq Núcleo de Cultura Clássica,  involving 15 researchers e 19 students.


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