Welcome to POET – Postgraduate Programme in Translation Studies!

6 de March de 2019

The Postgraduate Programme in Translation Studies  (POET, in the Portuguese acronym) was approved by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES – a national agency) in March of 2014 and started producing its first graduates in 2016. It is, therefore, a very young programme; one, however, built on a solid foundation, as it was founded out of the initiative of professors of the Department of Foreign Languages and their Literatures of the Center of Humanities at the Federal University of Ceará.

Currently POET’s staff is constituted of 18 professors, of which, 13 permanent members (among which is José Lambert, one of the founders of the discipline of Translation Studies), and 5 collaborator members. A complete list, with a curriculum-vitae, research areas of interest, and contact details can be seen in Staff Profiles.

The Programme has currently one Area of Concentration, Processes of Retextualization, within which students can pursue research in two main lines: (1) Translation: praxis, historiography and the flow of communication and (2) Translation: language, cognition and technological resources.